28 Side Hustle Ideas

Want to know How to make money online as a teenager in Europe?

Do you want to learn how to make money at home easily?

maybe like a side hustle or for a full-time income?

To take the burden off high expenses on your shoulder or simply want some extra cash.

Whether you are from Europe or not I believe this article will help you!

In this article, I will show you different ways that you can use now to make money at home easily

these methods will definitely help you to make easy money at home …

you can make 1000$ or even 2000$ who knows?

So Let’s get started!

28 ideas for how to make money online as a teenager in Europe

28 Way To Earn EASY Money Online at Home
28 Way To Earn EASY Money Online at Home Image source: unsplash.com

1-Sell Old Items:

If you have old shoes, clothes, or accessories that are still in good condition.

and just collecting dust around your closet, why not sell them online for cash?

There are plenty of websites out there like eBay or Craigslist where you can buy/sell used items.

You can also offer your service to others by selling their items for small commissions.

You can offer your services to your neighbors or on an online website like fiver and Upwork

so you might as well take advantage right now while it’s hot.

I am sure You’ll be surprised about how much money you can earn from something that was once useless to you before.

2- Start Dropshipping on Shopify and Earn Passive Income!

Dropshipping is your way to make easy money at home online.

I will not be exaggerating if I told you that you can be a Millionaire from dropshipping!

it is defiantly worth it!

First, What is dropshipping?

According to Shopify Dropshipping is :

A fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock.


Instead, the store purchases the item from a third-party supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer.

This means you do not have to handle the product you sell to the customer directly

for example: if you decided to sell sunglasses you do not have to buy a stock and ship them

but you can easily ship your order directly from the supplier (like Alibaba and express) to the buyer, and earn your commission.

The best part is that you can do this business from anywhere in the world, not just in your country or your home.

This gives you the freedom to travel to any place you like whenever you like it!

you do not have to stress about your career! -which I think is a good point if you are fond of traveling like me-

All it takes to start a dropshipping business on Shopify is having an eCommerce website and a domain.

and some learning about how to use their website.

Would you need money at the beginning?

No, You can start with 14 days free trial on Shopify

You can also try dropshipping with eBay which offers you a free listing for 0.20 $

You can start now with Shopify or start for FREE with eBay and start making money from home online!

3-Try Print on Demand:

If you asked me is such a great way to make money online from home!

And I see it as a great side hustle!

Print On Demand Is A Low-Risk Way To Sell your designs on T-Shirts, books, and gift cards For Other People.

whether you are an artist/photographer or none of them you can

start making money from print on demand!

You can start your own print-on-demand shop (T-shirts/mugs/pillowcases/Stickers) on Shopify

or you can start on websites that get major traffic monthly like reddbubble and Etsy

  • Sell on Etsy!

the first website I recommend is Etsy!

Etsy has created a community of people who are looking to buy items from other sellers.

Etsy gets 92,194,800 million monthly traffic!

which means a great opportunity to start your selling on it!

However, keep in mind that it takes time and effort before you can start seeing any sales of your products.

So don’t get discouraged if you aren’t selling right away!

Plus, this platform is perfect for those involved with the arts

such as painters or photographers because they have their set categories.

Another great thing about using Etsy is that there’s no need to list your product individually.

Since all listings last 30 days unless otherwise specified by the seller.

This saves loads of time when compared to listing each item separately and waiting 24 hours until another buyer purchases them.

You can start selling only on Etsy and you differently will make some extra cash at home!

But why sell only on Etsy?

a great thing I LOVE about print on demand is that

you can put the same design you made on many different websites,

and sell it anywhere you want (as long as you are the original creator and it is not a copywriter infringement)

and make some extra cash!

  • RedBubble:

Another great website where you can sell your designs online is RedBubble.

This platform allows users to upload their own original artwork and drawings.

so that they can be used on a variety of different products

such as t-shirts, stickers, mugs, phone cases, clocks, pillows, etc.

Plus, this unique site also has its very own search engine that makes it easy for buyers looking for specific items to find exactly what they’re looking for in just seconds.

However, unlike Etsy, there are no categories or subcategories here instead,

the focus is more on keeping things simple which means less time spent browsing through endless pages before finding something worth buying.

Redbubble benefits:

RedBubble also comes with a variety of different tools

that will help you get started including free tutorials and an easy-to-use design editor.

You can even use the “Shop Similar” tool to find similar artwork across the site!

So, if you’re looking for a great way to make easy money at home by selling your own designs

then head on over to RedBubble

4- Make Money at home easily with Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to make easy money at home is by becoming an affiliate marketer.

This means that you’ll be promoting products and services from other companies (known as your “affiliate”)

then earn a commission fee for every sale made using your unique referral link.

This type of marketing strategy has been around since the early 2000

but it wasn’t until recently when platforms like Amazon Associates came along that people started taking this opportunity more seriously.

sellers can earn commissions even while browsing through Facebook, Pinterest, or just hanging out in bed.

Another advantage to joining Amazon Associates is the fact that there are no start-up costs involved,

unlike most other programs which require you to pay a monthly fee or sign up for an expensive course.

So, if you want to find out more about this opportunity then be sure to check it out here: Make Money with Affiliate Marketing!

5-Start a YouTube Channel

So, if you’re looking for a way to break into this industry then all you’ll need is either your smartphone or webcam and an internet connection.

But before getting started be sure to think about what type of videos would appeal most to viewers so that they will want to share them with their friends.

You can start by brainstorming ideas on Pinterest or just take some time reviewing other popular channels like Jenna Marbles, FouseyTube, etc.

Youtube Shorts:

Another great way to earn money at home with Youtube is by uploading short videos.

You Can Get TONS of Views and Subscribers only through Youtube shorts.

Just remember that this platform caters mostly to entertainment.

so you’ll want to make sure your content provides viewers with either a good laugh or helpful information.

So, the key is to consistently remain active on YOUTUBE and try different types of videos until you find something that works.

Just think about what things would interest people in the community where you live and go from there.

6-Become a Virtual Assistant:

If you’re good at communicating with others then you can easily make easy money at home by becoming a virtual assistant.

All that’s required is an internet connection and computer so this type of job will literally allow anyone to earn extra cash from anywhere in the world.

One of the main reasons why more people are looking for ways to become VA’s nowadays is because they don’t require any degree or previous experience,

plus it takes less than three months before one could start earning $1000 per month via Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

So, what do VAs actually do?

Basically, everything involves coordinating schedules, responding to emails on behalf of their employer (which includes voice memos), proofreading documents, searching online using specific

7-Online surveys:

You can also make easy money at home by taking online surveys.

These types of opportunities are perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands as most do not require any sort of experience or special skills.

In fact, if you’ve already got some spare change then why not try signing up with one of the top companies like Survey Junkie, Global Test Market, SwagBucks and see how much extra cash you can earn in just minutes…a day!

Plus, many offer nice sign-up bonuses which range anywhere from $50-$100 so be sure to take advantage before it’s too late!

8-Paid for searching the web:

Another Great Way To Earn Easy Money At Home Is By Becoming A Paid Search Engine Evaluator.

Just think about it, how often do you use different websites like Google or Bing while looking for information on the web?

And what if there were people who actually got PAID to see which ads are clicked more than others?

Well, now thanks to companies like Leapforce, Appen Butler Hill, and Lionbridge Technologies this opportunity is readily available.

So, if interested then be sure to check them out.

This type of work can either be done part-time or full-time depending on your preference but keep in mind that most platforms will require test-taking skills before getting started…so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

9-Start your own website:

You can also make easy money at home by starting your website.

Just think about it, if you could create a site that offers anything

from good to great content then there’s no doubt that people would flock to visit

and maybe even purchase some of the products or services listed on said page.


And since Google has recently made it easier for people who run websites & blogs to monetize their content, anyone can make easy money at home by doing so.

All that’s required is a few hours each day and you’ll be able to see the difference in no time.

Just remember that patience truly is a virtue here. So don’t give up too easily!

With Bluehost, you can earn easy money at home for beginners by monetizing your website with affiliate marketing and Ads.

Bluehost really takes less than 20 minutes, don’t miss out on it!

10-Get Paid to Write Articles

Many people are finding success in writing articles online.

If you know a subject, this is an excellent way to get started earning money from home.

Articles might include reviews of products or even just some helpful tips that others find useful.

These websites put a layout for the guidelines of what they’re looking for (word count, correct grammar, and topics they ask for)

So you make money and become a better writer! You can try: income diary, Seeking Alpha, The Travel Writers Life, and The Matador

11- Collect scooters (on how to make money online as a teenager in Europe) :

Did you know that you can earn money by collecting scooters from the street for scooter companies?

What you have to do is drive around your town, picking up scooters which you will know the location from the app.

After that, you will have to charge The scooter and then drop it back off at a designated spot provided by the app. The process is pretty direct and simple

The most 2 famous apps are :

Bird Scooters

Lime App

the great thing about it is that if you looking for “how to make money online as a teenager in Europe” then it would be a great opportunity for you as both apps are available in Europe

You can make up to 8$ or more per scooter.

And for Bird Scooter, it starts from 5$ and more. You can make 50$ daily or more as a teenager depending on how efficient you are.

12. Get Cash Back From Shopping Online:

You can get cash back from shopping online through Ruktan, and Swagbucks.

You’ll need to create a free account and every time you shop at one of the places they have listed,

your money will be returned in the form of a check or PayPal payment.

This is an easy way for anyone to make some extra income while also saving yourself money

13- Sell Your Instagram Photos:

It is a great idea to use your Instagram account as a source of income as you can use it

to sell your photos taken by your phone or with your Camera.

As long as you take great quality shots it never matters what you use.

People always want a new photo for their business or blog so they come to people with large followings and buy the rights from them.

You Can also try Twenty20 and Foap to sell your photos there too.

This is considered micro-tasking but it can be very beneficial if done right.

14-Make Money At Home With Pinterest

Did you ever think about making money from Pinterest?

you can make money easily from home with Pinterest by working as a Virtual assistant

but what does Virtual assistant actually mean?

Being a Virtual means that you will have to make pins, schedule them, learn Pinterest SEO, make boards, and drive traffic for your clients

and you can make up to 3000$ per month

If you want to learn more about how to make money with Pinterest

you can check this article How To Make Money With Pinterest (2021)

15 -Make Money At Home With Canva:

If you do not know what Canva is, it is an online graphic tool that helps you to make great designs that you create yourself.

If you are not a fan of photoshop and illustrator you can use Canva and start your job as a graphic designer

you can make logos, Facebook ads designed, Pinterest templates, and much more

You can make a full-time income of up to 2000$ at your home!

If you want to find out other ways to make money with Canva you can check this article 11 Great Ways To Make Money With Canva On (2021)

16-Sell Feet Pics:

Do you like to be a model? then why not be a feet model and make easy money at home?

a lot of companies buy feet pictures to market their content and products

so where are some best places to start selling your feet pictures and make some extra cash$$$?

make a nice profile and Start earning money in your PJ

17-Flirt Online

Flirting online is A New way to make easy money online.

You can make up to 1000$ per month through this app called “ Phrendly

while flirting online and the best thing about this app is that you do not

have to reveal your identity!

another app that you can try is MyGirlFund which is great for those who prefer virtual relationships!

You can sharpen both your flirting skills and earn some cash too!


Proofreaders are always in demand and you can make 25$-30$ per hour as a freelancer.

Your income will depend on both: Your Speed and your experience

as the more, you fast and more experienced you are the more money you can make $$

You can start with:

  • ProofreadingServices.com
  • Lionbridge
  • Fiverr

19-Try drop servicing for No cost :

Drop servicing is basically to be a medium between the customer and the product producer.

for example, you sell a writing service on Fiverr, and once you got a buyer you ask some other writer to do the job for you.

The customer gets what he asked for, You pay the writer and you get some money as a commission. it is a win-win for all.

It can be easily applied to almost all online services.

20-Give Advice

Do you have experience in some topic or life in general and do you like advising people?

then why not help people who need your valuable advice for the exchange of money?

it is a win-win situation!

You can try:

21-Make Money Reading Books

If you are a bookworm or simply like reading you can now make money and practice your hobby at the same time!

you can earn up to 170$ per hour!

you can start with :

  • WrapUp


Captcha is a human verification process. You can make money at home easily throw solving captcha and helping software to be improved

You can do captcha jobs on websites like Kolotibablo and 2Captcha.

23-Dating Consultant

If you are a sweet talker or experienced in dating then why not

make money off it?

you can work as a dating Consultant and make money online at home and help others with your dating experience.

You can Start now on: Ziprecruiter

24-Test Websites

A great way to make easy money online in your home is by using test websites you can try:

You can make up to 45$ per hour online

25-Sell Amazon low content books :

Low content Books are kinds of books that do not need writing or are time-consuming. It can be :

  • Bullet Journal.
  • motivation quotes.
  • Food tracker.
  • notebooks.
  • planners.
  • Puzzle books.
  • Coloring book.
  • Diary.

Once you decide what your book will be (planner, notebook), go and visit Canva and start designing what your book will look like

It is an easy and FREE method to make money as a teenager to start now.

  • How do you succeed in KDP low content?

To succeed in KDP you need to be different from the others, keep learning with trial and error and be patient. Do Marketing for yourself will help too, start with Pinterest, Instagram, and a FaceBook page. These are the best places you can start to get eyeballs to your books for free.

  • Can you make money with KDP low-content books?

Yes, you can make money with KDP. Some people made over 1000$ from selling KDP. it is not hard to make money with KDP but it takes time.

  • How do I get sales on low-content books?

To get sales on low-content books you will need to do marketing for yourself. You can either use Facebook ads, or Instagram influencers to get sales for your books which will help you a lot . You can also make Pinterest pins and do youtube videos as a free method to drive people to your amazon page.

26-Sell Songs

are you a songwriter or writing songs is your hobby?

You can make money at home by selling your songs and making an extra income from them!

there are a variety of websites like MusicbedMusic VineMarmoset, and fyrfly

27-Virtual English Tutor

If you are a native speaker and good at English grammar and spelling?

You can help nonnative English speakers who want to learn English and make easy money at home

Make some extra cash and help them speak proper English

start now on Fiverr

28-Online Coach

The last way to make easy money at home is through Online Coach

Online coaching is a great way for you to consider if you want to make money online.

An online coach helps people to become more powerful, and speedier and can help your mental health through training and meditation.

You can start your online coach career at:

Clarity.FM & Coach.me.

Final thoughts:

I hope this article helped you with how to make easy money at home and be rich.

Now I’d like to hear from you now which way from today’s post are you going to try first?

Let me know by putting a comment down right now!